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Americans count on the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure our air is safe to breathe and our water is safe to drink, but Scott Pruitt is an extremist who will put those safeguards at risk. As Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt was a key architect of of unrelenting attacks on our bedrock, lifesaving clean air and clean water protections. He has also led the fight against climate action and the Clean Power Plan, doing the bidding of the fossil fuel industry.

Make no mistake, nothing less than our children’s health is at stake right now. An EPA run by Scott Pruitt means more pollution, more asthma attacks, more premature deaths, and more mercury poisoning. And if Trump is able to confirm Pruitt for EPA and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, the result would not only put our local air and water at risk, but would also cripple U.S. climate leadership and put the stability of our planet in danger.

Tell Your Senators to Oppose Scott Pruitt’s Nomination to Head the EPA

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